Sign PDFs with your wallet address

Sign documents with WalliD wallet and mint an NFT to back the Proof-of-Signature.

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The tool that enables trustless Proofs-of-Signature
for agreements celebrated in the Metaverse

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A seamless signature
experience provided by DocuSign

The digital signatures platform provides the best experience to manage, send and request electronic signatures on PDF documents.

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Proof-of-Signature based
on Ethereum wallets

WalliD connects the platform with the Ethereum network, allowing wallet signatures to be embedded in the PDF metadata.

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A Proof-of-signature backed
by NFTs

After all signers complete the process, an NFT is issued and minted for each of them, ensuring a public verification of the data on the Polygon network.

How to start signing
with ETH addresses right now


Subscribe a signature pack and activate your DocuSign account


Upload PDFs on your DocuSign dashboard and send them to the intended signers email address.


Sign the documents with WalliD wallet and mint an NFT with the Proof-of-Signature.


Check the Proof-of-Signature in the PDF metadata or on-chain.

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Verify Proof-of-Signature

Verify document signatures on-chain or bid to collect
the documents that matter to you.

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Verify the Proofs-of-Signature on-chain or
bid to collect the documents that matter to you.

Check them on Opensea  

Proof-of-Signatures are stored and verifiable
in a public smart contract deployed on the
Polygon network.

Check the smart contract and the audit performed by QuillAudits

Proof-of-Signatures cryptographically ensure the authenticity of a document content
and respective signers.

Import a PDF to verify the
Proofs-of-Signature on-chain  

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WalliD ETH Signatures