Your ID in your
Ethereum Wallet



Encrypt and store your ID documents in a smart contract


Check, decrypt and share your ID documents in your Ethereum Wallet


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How it works scheme

The Ethereum protocol for real world identity documents

How it works scheme

WallID protocol enables instant and safe ID verification processes like Know-your-Customer, by allowing users to store their digital certificates on the blockchain and share them with trusted services in exchange for a WAL token sum.

The WAL token will be used as the payment unit for KYC services requiring customers a proof-of-identity.

WalliD is an open ecosystem for developers to create and integrate new certified identity types and extraction apps and the global platform for the creation of customisable KYC related products requesting instant and safe proof-of-identities.


The first blockchain token
powered by a National Mint House

“The WAL token will be the currency
used in the KYC industry of the future”

Gonçalo Caseiro

Chair at Portuguese National Mint House

Casa da moeda

Get to know WalliD’s full protocol

WalliD is the decentralised ecosystem
to store and exchange your ID documents

Identities extracted
from certified documents

WalliD smart contract stores encrypted ID attributes from certified ID documents like Citizen Cards extracted directly in your laptop with compliant local desktop apps like ImportiD.

Encrypted ID documents
On the Blockchain

ID attributes are encrypted into WalliD smart contract and stored in your Ethereum wallet through the javascript browser app

Instant and safe online KYC Processes

ID attributes are decrypted directly on KYC requiring apps with their owner private keys and providing a wallet address only.


Countries ID’s & ID Types per funding raised














Citizen Card

Soft Cap - $2,3M

Citizen ID's


Citizen ID's, Professional ID's


Citizen ID's, Professional ID's, Sports ID's


Citizen ID's, Professional ID's, Sports ID's

Hard Cap - $12,3M

Citizen ID's, Professional ID's, Sports ID's, Non-Profit ID's

Token WALL

Token Details

What is the WAL token?

WAL is the ERC 20 Token that will be used to trade proof-of-identities from certified documents stored in the Blockchain with online KYC processes



Token Supply

123.000.000 WAL

Token Value

1 WAL = $0,10

Soft Cap


Hard Cap


Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Team Advisors

12.3 M Tokens

The team fund is locked for 12 months/ Advisors Released


22.14 M Tokens

From the total amount of tokens, 6% is released during 3 years. 6 Months locked.

Bootstrap / Airdrop

27 M Tokens

From the total amount of tokens, 4% a year during 5 years. Locked for 6 months.

Pre Sale

12.3 M Tokens

Fund Locked for 6 Months


73.74 M Tokens

No time lock

Meet the Team

Filipe Veiga

Founder & CEO

André Guerreiro

Head of Protocol

Adriano Campos

ImportiD & Extracting Apps

Vitor Viana

Smart Contracts

Miguel Tavares

KYC & Product

José Reis


Carlos Coutinho

Digital certificates & PKI Europe

Patrícia Silva

WAL token & Finance


One Pager

WAL ICO One-Pager (PDF)

The name says it all. One single page with the big picture of WAL. Take 5 minutes on a quick view of the protocol

White Paper

WalliD White Paper (PDF)

Read our white paper for a full understanding of the protocol in technical terms and how WalliD establishes a new infrastructure for decentralised certified identity information exchanges