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The identity wallet
for a decentralised world

MyWalliD is a web 3.0 wallet that manages your identities
in a private, secure and verifiable way.

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MyWalliD is the digital wallet where you can manage, store and share your identity in the online world while keeping its full ownership.

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Manage your identities on a single tool

From your own social network IDs, citizen cards and Passports, to all sorts of certificates backed by a decentralised chain of trust set up on WalliD protocol, MyWalliD can store any type of Identity in any format and gives you the freedom to decide if they should be public or private.

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Keep full ownership over your data

All your data is stored locally in your device and encrypted by your wallet’s private keys. There’s no record of your data in any database or blockchain accessed by WalliD.

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Share your identity
in a public or private
but verifiable way

From your device to the world or only to a trusted third party. All shared identities’ authenticity can trustlessly be verified on chain by checking the signatures of the decentralised chains of trust set up on WalliD protocol by the issuers.

WalliD blockchain protocol
for decentralised chains of trust

WalliD protocol is a decentralised standard for the deployment of verifiable
chains of trust based on smart contracts and web 3.0 wallet signatures.

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What's WalliD being
used for:

Inter Platform proof-of-identity

Private storage of citizenship identities

Digital signatures

Decentralising communities
with their own verifiable identities

Upgrading web 2.0 identity
infrastructures to the web 3.0

MyWalliD allows the creation of a verifiable digital pass that proves the ownership of different social network ids (such as twitter, reddit, discord or github) under the same wallet.

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Meet the team

Filipe Veiga

Founder & CEO

Vitor Viana

Founder & CTO

Beatriz Pereira

Head of UX/UI

Guilherme Arsénio

Frontend Developer

Nuno Feio

Frontend/UI developer

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