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Build an ID portfolio only you control

From legacy governmental documents to web3 credentials or web2 social network accounts, MyWalliD is an blockchain-native wallet that empowers you with a tool to decide which assets you provide to prove your identity online.

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Add a proof-of-ID to document signatures on DocuSign

Use MyWalliD wallet to authenticate on DocuSign and sign your Metaverse agreements with Ethereum addresses or your corporate contracts with qualified signatures from government digital IDs.

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Create and issue ID assets seamlessly from your browser

Get access to a no-code platform to customise the designs and attributes of ID assets such as badges, certificates or ID cards and issue them through WalliD's decentralised ID protocol.

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Connect your ID protocol to a wallet ready to connect it everywhere online

Either you’re a government or organisation managing a PKI or a blockchain protocol for decentralised IDs, our APIS make the integration with MyWalliD wallet seamless and plug-n-play.

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Turn your NFTs into verifiable profile pics

Get a JPEG with your favourite NFTs' content and a stamp proving the ownership of the asset and the social network account your displaying it on.

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Partners and integrations


The PT governamental ID infrastructure is integrated with MyWalliD to allow the global usage and verification of their citizens’ IDs.


The PT governamental ID infrastructure is integrated with MyWalliD to allow the global usage and verification of their citizens’ IDs.


DocuSign and WalliD are connected to provide the ultimate ID verification experience to secure electronic document signatures.

Wallet Connect

Through Wallet Connect protocol, MyWalliD wallet users can authenticate and make use of their ID assets in any dAPP.


WalliD’s protocol and smart contracts are built on the L2 network.


is a Discord bot that allows on-server ID asset verification.

WalliD bridges ID protocols with Web3 and Web2 platforms to provide a self-sovereign and universal way to manage digital IDs

Manage ID assets in a single wallet

From your own social network IDs, citizen cards and Passports, to all sorts of certificates backed by decentralised blockchain protocols, MyWalliD self-sovereignly stores and manages all ID assets.

Keep full ownership over your data

All your data is stored locally in your device and encrypted by your wallet’s private keys. There’s no record of your data in any database or blockchain accessed by WalliD, only you decide how the access to your data should be managed.

Prove your ID in Web2 and Web3 platforms

Authenticate in online platforms with your Ethereum address and prove the ownership of one or more than your ID assets with services or users you trust.

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