Digital ID made easy for everyone

We’re building the ultimate onboarding experience across the web2 and web3 through a Digital ID aggregator toolkit

Universal authentication and
data verification for dApps and WebApps

A frictionless login experience for your users
Social logins and web3 wallet authentications
One-click login to access your dApp
Simple UX while performing blockchain transactions within the website
No seed phrase management or external wallets needed
Data Verification
Verify users unique data from multiple sources
Instant verification embedded in your platform
Governmental IDs, Digital certificates, DIDs and other ID infrastructures verification
Private and self-sovereign handle of user data
Blockchain token ownership or transaction history verification

A convenient and secure digital ID experience tailor-made for all use cases

Provide the best experience for each  of your users and enable web3 and web2 authentication logins without bothering with complexity of maintaining such integrations.
Provide the best experience for each of your user verification needs by connecting with multiple verifiable data sources without bothering with complexity of maintaining such integrations.
Keep full control over your digital transactions and authenticate on the web3 and web2 through an SSI digital wallet that securely manages your blockchain tokens and digital IDs
Built for
Customize the authentication and verification flows available in your platform through an easy to use dashboard or SDKs
Built for
Have full control over your Digital IDs and crypto assets through a browser extension or mobile app and navigate the web2 or web3 safely

The ultimate Digital ID aggregator toolkit

Multiple Chains
Blockchain agnostic
Authenticate and verify assets or connect your WebApp to multiple chains.
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Multiple Digital IDs to verify
From governmental digital IDs to decentralized credentials. Verify users data from multiple protocols.
Compatible on Web2 and Web3 platforms
Onboard web2 users into your dApp. Provide blockchain-enabled features to your WebApp.
All Social Logins to authenticate
Authenticate users with any social network login they might be already using.
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Plug and Play Authentication & Data Verification
Plug and play wallets and authenticators
Choose from multiple authenticator or wallet providers and quickly add them to your platform login flows on a no-code dashboard
Wallet Logins
Social Logins
Data Verification
Plug and play Verifiable Data sources
Choose from multiple sources of verifiable data and confirm users’ data seamlessly in your platform through an easy to config dashboard
Decentralized IDs
Government digital IDs
Social IDs
Blockchain Tokens
Trusted by the web3, web2 and public institutions
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