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Electronic signatures
with a proof-of-ID

Add a proof-of-identity to your digital documents electronic signatures on DocuSign with a qualified signature backed by a governmental ID or a web3 verifiable signature using an Ethereum address.

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Sign documents online with ID assets
stored in MyWalliD wallet

MyWalliD wallet makes your ID assets available in your browser and phone
and DocuSign uses them to generate verifiable electronic signatures for your documents.

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Qualified Signatures with governmental IDs for organisations

Ensure your organization document signatures are compliant with local and European regulations for digital ID, accepted and valid in any court in the Continent.

Request signers to verify their ID through the usage of digital IDs issued by Trusted Authorities.

Make your documents verifiable under the European eIDAS standard or in document readers with signature verification features such as Adobe.

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Document signatures with Ethereum wallet addresses for DAOs

Sign the most important decisions of your DAO on a verifiable PDF with Ethereum wallet public attributes (address or ENS domain).

Embed the signature in the verifiable chain-of-trust of document and store it on-chain for public verification.

Make your DAO documentation readable and verifiable on PDFs.

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