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Design and issue ID assets for your community

A no-code platform to design, manage and issue identity assets through decentralised ID protocols.

Create beautiful design for decentralised ID assets

Digital Certificates

Create achievement certificates to signal your communitiy members success to the outside world.


Build a powerful rewarding system for your community based on badges received for their contributions.

ID cards

Let your community members show where they belong through verifiable ID cards.

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Become a Decentralised Certificate Authority and issue ID assets for your community. No developer skills needed.

Setup an ID issuer infrastrcuture on-chain in seconds.

Import or create beautiful designs for ID assets.

Customise the attributes of your community ID assets.

Issue ID assets individually or in bulk.

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Integrate the platform with a DID protocol and make the issuance of ID assets seamless for your community

Built as a dApp that provides the interface for your DID protocol.

Compatible with protocols based on major decentralised crendentials standards.

Fully customisable visual elements for ID assets.

White labeled to perfectly in your protocol toolkit.

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